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Message from Dean Rene Parmar

From September 16, 2021

Dear Community Members,

Educators and counselors are some of the most important “influencers” in a child’s life. Each and every day the work that they do contributes to developing the society of tomorrow. All around us we see how education has the power to create equity and uplift communities. It provides the scaffold for developing intellectual talents in creative and scientific fields. Children are introduced to new ways of knowing and thinking that help them aspire and achieve their personal goals. They are supported in their mental and physical health and provided guidance to envision a future where their dreams are realized.

The philosophy of the School of Education at Lehman College is rooted in the concept of the transformative power of education. Our core principles, described in the Lehman Urban

Transformative Education framework are:

  • To empower our community of educators and learners
  • To educate and advocate for social action and equity
  • To develop human competencies and realize potential
  • To affirm our diverse ethnic and cultural contexts

Join us! Become a teacher, school leader, or mental health counselor! Become part of the movement to transform society through learning. Let our nationally accredited programs and our outstanding faculty help you realize your dream.

Rene S. Parmar, Ph.D.

Matriculation and official completion in one of the School of Education's Educator Preparation programs leading to initial or professional certification fulfill the educational requirements for licensure in New York State, as per the final rule published on November 1, 2019 for institutions participating in Federal Student Aid programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act.