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Support/Office Hours

School of Education Main Office

  • Carman Hall B33 
    Phone: 718-960-8401
    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Departmental Offices & Faculty Directory

EdTPA Content Questions? Visit your Student Teaching Seminar Instructor

Certification Officer & Website

New York State certification is the primary credential needed to teach anywhere in New York State, including New York City. You must meet with our Certification Officer to determine if you have met the requirements to recieve a Lehman College recommendation for New York State Certification. The edTPA is only one of the New York State requriements (program completion, exams and specific worskhops need to be completed as well). For more information, visit Teacher Certification.

Reserving Video Camcorder for edTPA

You MUST complete the Reservation Form posted in your Taskstream account if you would like to borrow a camcorder from Lehman College. Please bring a valid Lehman College ID when you pick-up the camcorder, otherwise it will not be released to you. Pick-up and drop-off are based on your semester edTPA lab hour schedule.

For more details, visit Task 2: Instruction Reserving, Checkout, Return Video Camcorder

Do not call to reserve the camera. Upon completion of the reservation form, a member of the School of Education Tech Team will contact you via email to confirm your reservation. Only in case of camera emergency email

Reserving Video Camcorder for edTPA

School of Ed: Educational Technology Office

Carman Hall B23: edTPA Lab

Support will be available during the following hours for all edTPA technology related issues in Task 1: PlanningTask 2: Instruction; and Task 3: Assessment

  • Scanning student work
  • Transfering video from camera to an external drive (come prepared with no less than an 8gig drive). Videos can not be stored on Lehman College computers.
  • Editing video for edTPA clips
  • Compresssing video
  • Uploading evidence and documentation to TaskStream

IT Center and Help Desk

Hours of operation (click the month to get daily and monthly information)

Scanning, editing video (using MPG Streamclip), compressing video. Be prepared with no less than an 8gig external drive.

TaskStream’s Mentoring Services

TaskStream’s Mentoring Services is available to all subscribers to support the use of TaskStream’s tools and resources. You can contact Mentoring Services by phone, email, or by completing a support request form.

  • By Phone: 1-800-311-5656
  • By Email:


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8:00am - 11:00pm ET


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