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Each credential (content) area has its own “Handbook” that includes details and guidance about meeting your specific certification requirements. You will have access to your credential area handbook through your edTPA Taskstream account.

From your Taskstream edTPA Program, you will have access to a password protected Web Link to download:

  • All required templates/documents, including your Context for Learning and Commentary Templates
  • All other support materials:
    • edTPA Candidate Guide
    • edTPA Making Good Choices
    • edTPA Understanding Rubric Level Progressions
    • edTPA Errata

How to Access Templates User Guide (PDF)

All candidates should review Making Good Choices (a summary support guide for candidates in all content areas and Special Education) to help complete your edTPA. This a more general guide (not specific to any content area like the Handbooks), but gives an excellent overview of the requirements.